Catch and store energy


Develop systems to store resources that are abundant in one season, so that we can use them in other times of scarcity, such as preserving water in the rainy season to use in dry seasons, or preserving fruits to consume in times when we have little harvest. This proverb "Produce hay while it's sunny", reminds us that we have a limited time to take advantage of and store surplus energy.

From storing nutrients or water in the soil, energy in the form of firewood, canned fruits and vegetables, water in cisterns or natural deposits on the property, and etc., this principle reminds us that we must always be storing energy in times of abundance, never we know if we will have a month of drought, or a month when we cannot produce food.

One of the systems that I like the most is the water heating system on the stove, because with the same heat that we heat the house, cook food, we also heat the water through a serpentine that is accumulated hot in a thermal reservoir, to be used in the shower.

Planting trees, whether for wood, fruit, shade, is always an excellent way to capture and store energy, as well as being a very important symbol to remind us of how nature captures and stores energy, where solar energy is used by plants. to transform water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates through the process of photosynthesis.

Here at ecoPalha, one of the main resources, water, the amount varies a lot from season to season, we have periods mainly in winter with a lot of rain, where the accumulation sometimes reaches 800mm, the creek here in front of ecoPalha becomes a river, rainwater comes down from the hills forming beautiful paths of water, but summer comes and times of drought, where sometimes we only have 10mm of rain in 40 days, the creek that was a river in winter, now in summer it is practically water stopped, as it is a stone creek, it has several natural deposits where the water accumulates, and serves as a reserve for the animals to drink. Here we use a 12v pump with a solar panel, to draw water from these tanks to the property, to be used for watering plants, for bathing, etc.

So, the better the resource storage systems, the more stable the times of change will be felt, and the better the property is prepared for times of scarcity. Nature always works in cycles of abundance and scarcity, perhaps it's to remind us to be humble in times of plenty, and not to be depressed in times of scarcity, seasons are fleeting.

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