is a permaculture station that has possibilities of becoming an eco-village. This name was chosen to honor flocks of birds known as rabo de pala, or straw tails. This idea is because straw is fundamental in permaculture. It can be used in bio-construction, mulch, compost, mattresses, evapo-transpiration pits, animal feeding, etc.

ecopalha days are guided by natural cycles and a to do list . The day begins at daylight and usually end when starts the sunset up the hill. ecopalha does have a daily routine almost all set, it is shaping over time and hard work. Volunteers help with 4 hours of work (sometimes more, sometimes less), having the rest of the day free for other activities, but always trying to get up early as morning is typically when the day’s activities are defined and performed together, so waking up at early is important.

Alimentation in ecopalha is also guided by natural cycles, always trying to consume local and season foods. In the future, and as far as possible, they will all be planted in ecopalha area, this is one of the beautiful reasons why we must care for the Earth, that is, to produce fertile and healthy Soil.

ecopalha also follow the principles of a natural food that is all products that can be made in a common kitchen from natural and whole ingredients, being the diet mainly fruits, greens, vegetables and roots. But when all the residents are in agreement or in some commemorative dates defined by the residents it is possible to have products of animal origin. This animal product must be from free range raised animals, the closest to its life and wild and natural food.

The main kitchen utensils, such as cups, dishes, pots, kettles should be made of natural materials that do not release toxins and which, if broken, do not generate residue. Like pottery, clay, iron.
Cosmetics, toiletries and general cleaning must be 100% natural, free of parabens, dyes, artificial or synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives.

ecopalha follows the principles of permaculture, trying to achieve a healthier life in a place close to nature. Living in greater harmony with her, coming out of the world of unbridled consumption, entering a world of simplicity, as Bill Mollinson says "Live simply, so that others can just Live."

For those who want to visit, volunteer or stay in the place please send an email 3 days in advance, for the place being prepared to receive it. Don't forget that in ecopalha the use or consumption of any chemical is strictly vetoed, ecopalha is quite radical about it. And for those who want to be a resident here, at the end some principles of coexistence.

On the main page of ecopalha, you have the information about periods that we will be receiving visitors and volunteers. To all those who respect the ideas of the ecopalha, Be Welcome.

Guided tour: R$50,00 per person or R$ 80,00 with ecological meal.
Volunteer Diary (minimum 10 Days) - community work (half-shift), camping accommodation and food costs help if you want something that is not available at the
Bed&Breakfast: R$100,00

For any other questions, please contact us by email.

"Respect, it's the basics for a good coexistence."

Visitors,Volunteer and ecoPalha Members


  • Efficiently use energy and matter**

  • Use water responsibly and consciously

  • Prevent water contamination and increasing its accumulation in the ecosystem so all life can thrive.

  • Care for soils that have high productivity and work to improve those which have been damaged

  • Plant trees to increase condensation on rainy windswept slopes

  • Build new houses and restore old ones with renewable resources, low energy consumption, and minimal pollution

  • Live simply

  • Plant as much food as possible at ecoPalha

  • Ensure that home gardens have many ecological functions

  • Reduce unfair trade

  • Produce quality food without environmental destruction

  • Not harming the environment, or financing companies that do

  • Try to establish wildlife corridors to connect them

  • Respect methods of life, harvesting and cultivation of other cultures

  • Use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products

  • Understand the function of weeds in their natural systems and remove them only when needed or will be replaced by something more

  • Live cooperatively, rationally and simply with one another

  • Start small, don’t get ahead of yourself


ecoPalha, in the Service of Nature, Living with It and Not Against It.

  • BioConstruction
  • Natural Plaster
  • AgroForestry
  • Organic Gardening
  • Natural Diet
  • Natural Husbandry of Animals
  • Natural Treatment of Animals
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Roof
  • Dry Toilets
  • Composting
  • Recovery of Soils

Volunteer and ecoPalha Members

  • Fernando - Permacultor - 01/11/2011