More water, always her, source of life ....


In a period of intense rainfall, approximately 400mm or 40l per m2 within 15 days, in the western region of Santa Catarina - Brazil, more precisely in the region of Chapecó, the question that arises in some minds, where does all this water come from?Some researchers and/or commentators of weather, claim that this rain is due to the humidity that comes from the Amazon rainforest, known as Flying Rivers, however, I have another crazy theory, which apparently has more logic for me, that we are increasingly Placing more circulating water in the environment, and creating less balanced environments, added to the Flying Rivers.

So we have maximum that says water is being recycled all the time, no new water is created, all water is recycled, and so on, some scientists say, we are drinking recycled dinosaur urine. Turning to the fact that we are increasing the amount of water in our environment, on our micro-climate, by destroying thousands of water cisterns, our beloved trees. As a notorious example, an ancient orange tree, like that one on the photo that is near my house, in which, by my approximate calculations, would be a cistern of approximately 1000l on fruit parts, more the water retained in the leaves, trunk and roots, this beautiful orange three should store some 1500l to 2000l, with the benefit to recycle many liters of water every single day, want more, how about that the water comes extremely rich in macro and micronutrients, in addition to the fact that "Forests are agents of service providers, are cheap and easy to maintain, and are so expensive to replace them with machines that the preservation of nature is far more feasible than their destruction", and ont end asking so little in return like wastes as leaves, like our own shit and so on.

Speaking of shit, I remembered our Brazilian political (executive, legislative, judiciary) scenario, which is time compost this shit, and transform in a new better system, with our knowledge of the republic more than 100 years (1989-1930) And new republic (1985-2017), plus our knowledge in monarchy 67 years, plus knowledge in dictatorship 21 years, something that uses modern technology, like Bitcoin that has decentralized power and privacy, for good where more people have voices, on laws and works that will affect them. Some proposals are already available, such as 2Deliberative democracy, 3demarquy, 4anarchism (individual organization). We need a debate of people who have studied about these models, about facts and really want a better model for the Nation, where one has a real freedom to undertake, to live with dignity, in a place where the state is minimal or not exist. We want another model of election, 2018, or 2018 will be another one of the same, where Parties assemble the list and from that list we choose the representatives, another 4 years we will support several gods and goddesses, with their faithful followers, who each day increase their cost, causing more and more taxes to be paid to maintain all of this.When we the people will say is enough.

"A people who do not know their history is condemned to repeat it" Edmund Burke. Especially when we have the History told only by one side.

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