Towards the end of winter...


This is a time of maintenance, cleaning and also beginning of the summer planting in the ecoPalha, besides the special care to some animals.
Following one of the permaculture principles, Observe and Interact, it was observed that in a few weeks the Rufous hornero began to build his house, as you can see in the video posted recently recorded here, so then began the repairs here and the cleaning of the shelter preparing for the arrival of spring, and it was also observed that several trees began the first regrowths, so then began transplantation of seedlings and preparation of the area for summer planting.
As it is beginning to warm the climate, it is a great time to do the maintenance and repairs of bioconstructions, renderings and some paintings in general, since the drying of these small works are not as fast as they would be in summer and not as slow as they would be in the Winter, it is also worth remembering that the parts that were falling, or cracking, it is possible to remove them and use them again or add them to the soil as compost, this is more one of the great advantages of using natural renderings. This is a period when the EcoPalla is closed for visits, but continuous open to receive volunteers. Visits and volunteers who want to come to ecoPalla must send an email at least 3 days in advance, if they arrive without warning, I feel that they will not be attended to, there have already been several cases and it is not legal for any part, always undesirable wear, The rules are basic but must be respected by all, without exception. To follow if are open or not for visits and/or volunteers and to have more information about the subject please visit the tab ecoPalha.

Respect is indispensable. Learning is optional.

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