After a few months without posting news , especially for not being connected to the internet and being too busy working with bioconstruction in the house, we can say that the site after more than two years is taking shape , the first shelter, which will serve to welcome volunteers and that is my current house is almost ready , some details are missing , as permanent location for bathroom cleaning, laundry, openings , finalizing some renderings , replace the roof and etc. ... seems a lot, but for those who lived almgost one year in a tent without any structure , we are better every day.

The family here is growing every day, working from sunrise to sunset to make the site quiet and comfortable for all those who seek a more quiet and simple life.

I believe that starting from February 2014 in the Gregorian calendar , we will be opening for possible visits , all with a first contact by email to see availability.

I can say that those two years were many hits and misses , but I guarantee were estremamente valuable , as they say what worked us improve what went wrong we rule out, Mother Nature has given some spanking, but most have embraced in an amazing way . Of course many things would not have  happened if not was the contribution of some family and friends.

In the more I am here because I will be going back to my tent at Camping Mae Pora in Guarda do Embaú , point out the very spot to beach visitors, the local energy is amazing, where can also be many things to see in permaculture as green roof, fevapotranspiration system and others point out the very visit. 

Soon More Information...

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Irmão, somos os ciclonómades do Guarda Do Embaú! Deixamos aqui nosso espacio para nós contactar ate compartilhar ali no teu mundo magico! Abraço enorme https://www.facebook.com/vueltaporeluniverso2013?ref=hl
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